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Welcome to Brigadeer Bakery!

Taste Testers

I'm OBSESSED with Brigadeer Bakery! It's so tasty, I've been to Brazil before and fell in love with this dessert so I'm happy that this tastes exactly the same. Excited to try more of the flavors.

Laura Lombeida

Everything I tried from Brigadeer Bakery has been obscenely delicious. The brigadieros are rich and a perfect pop-in-your-mouth size which makes it easy to eat only one or two... or eight (these things happen). My favorite treats are the alfajores, which are just heavenly. Between the texture and the flavor, it's a major test of will power and there is no respite for a dessert lover such as myself until they are all gone, usually by my own doing. I will definitely be coming back to Brigadeer Bakery for more.

Tina Wang

Brigadieros...these bite size desserts should be illegal. Rich, creamy and differently flavored bon bons make it impossible to stop at one. I'll be sharing with my friends but only to enjoy the weight gain know what they say...sharing is caring!

Rachel Guzman

I was contemplating getting a separate freezer just so that I will never run out of brigadiers and alfajores. This is fare warning, this stuff is delicious and you will not have just one, or two, or three... "Shared" a sinful box of 12 with friends for a birthday celebration (I ate most of them while they were busy taking selfies with these beauties, the brigadeiros that is), best sin I ever committed. A years subscription of this stuff should be in order. 

Karen Vera

It is so hard to pick a favorite brigadeiro because they ALL taste amazing! Each one is so unique and beautifully created. Even the packaging and presentation is delightful. I ordered two boxes for my birthday and all my friends drooled as much as I did. Thank you Brigadeer!!

Natalia Zamparini